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Introduction of Diving


Diving is one kind of admirable sporting events, which differentiate into springboard diving; platform diving; synchronized diving; mixed synchronized diving and team diving.


Springboard diving can perform on either 1M or 3M springboard. 3M springboard and 10M platforms will be the case for Olympics, world championships and world cup championships. Female contestants have to complete 5 dives, and male contestants have to complete 6 dives in open event.


In the age group diving competition, the number of dives performance is decided by the diver’s age. About the detailed competition format can refer to Hong Kong Age Group Diving Championships.


 In diving contest, either 5 or 7 judges shall officiate in the individual events and 9 judges or 11 judges in the synchronized diving events. 7 judges (individual event) and 11 judges (synchronized events) are applied in Olympics, world championships and world cup championships. With 10 being the perfect score for each dive, awards are given in half point increments according to the following scale:


Completely failed   0

Unsatisfactory  0.5 – 2

Deficient                 2.5 – 4.5

Satisfactory      5 – 6.5

Good                      7 – 8

Very Good        8.5 – 9.5

Excellent                10



Judges will judge each dive by the standing position, approach, take off, and flight, entry into the water.


In the individual events, when seven judges are used, the secretaries shall cancel the two highest and the two lowest judges’ awards. If only five judges are used, the secretaries shall cancel the highest and the lowest judges’ awards. The secretaries shall independently add the remaining awards and multiply this total by the degree of difficulty for the dive to determine the score of the dive.


Individual Events Calculation Example:

8.0, 7.5, 7.5, 7.5, 7.5, 7.5, 7.0 = 22.5 x 2.0 = 45.0


Movement groups – concerns with the participant’s position both before & after the start.  This can be derived into 6 groups:


1.             Front

2.             Back

3.             Reverse

4.             Inward

5.             Twisting

6.             Armstand (apply to Platform)


Position in flight can be derived into:

  A. Straight

  B. Pike

  C. Tuck

  D. Free (any combination of the other positions done during twisting dives)


Diving number designations – All dives shall be designated by a system of 3 or 4 numerals followed by a single letter.


In the Front, Back, Reverse and Inward groups, In the second digit indicated that the dive has a flying action during the dive. When there is no flying action the second digit shall be 0.


The third digit shall indicate the number of half somersaults being performed. For example 1 = ½ somersault, 3 = 1½somersaults etc.


In Armstand dives the second digit indicates the group or direction to which the dive belongs: 1 = Front, 2 = Back, 3= Reverse.


For example: 6124D represents Armstand Forward Somersault 2 Twists.


For more details about diving rules, please refer to World Aquatics website at www.worldaquatics.com.