Artistic Swimming
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Artistic Swimming is also called ‘Water Ballet’. Swimmers should demonstrate a variety of body positions, figure movement, strokes, arm movement and propulsion techniques appropriate to the music.


Artistic Swimming is a combination of dances, music and modern sports.  Athletes are also required to perform a series of movement with technical skill, grace, coordination and precise swimming techniques.


Free Routines, Technical Routines, Free Combination and Highlight Routines

Swimmer should demonstrate a smooth & creative movement in the water.  Flexibility, strength, skill and coordination are also very important to perform an Excellent Routine.



Double Ballet leg, Eggbeater Double Arms, Rocket Split, Full Twist, Continuous spin, Boost, Combined spin and Vertical position with water level established between the knees and the hips etc, can show difficulty in routines.


Local Competitions

  1. Pan Asia Artistic Swimming Championships cum Hong Kong Artistic Swimming Open Competition
  2. Hong Kong Artistic Swimming Routine Competition
  3. Assessment of Youth Artistic Swimming Promotion Scheme
  4. Artistic Swimming Age Group Competition


Squad Training

The National, Regional, Junior and Young Athlete Squad trainings are provided for swimmers who have showed their talent and commitment in Artistic Swimming. National Squad team train on a regular basis and have opportunities to represent Hong Kong in overseas competitions (e.g. Asian Age Group Competition, Asian Games etc.).

Scoring Rules