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Division 1 (part 3) SC Competition

Please submit the re-entry form on or before 3 p.m 7th January (Friday)


Please collect Swimmers’ entry permits during 3rd – 6th January at HKGSA Office within office hours.


According to the Government announcement that it is required to the use of the "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile application when entering government buildings which include Swimming Pools.



 1. A swimmer could only be accompanied by 1 guest who is holding entry ticket. 

 2.Registration Time Table:

日期 Date 報 到 時 段 Registration Time
1 月 8 日(星期六)
8th January (Saturday)
1 月 9 日(星期日)上午
9th January (Sunday) AM
1 月 9 日(星期日)下午
9th January (Sunday) PM
Letter to all clubs_Div1SCPart3_postpone_6/1/2022
Letter to all clubs_Div1SCPart3_reschedule
Infection Control Measure - Competition Arrangement
Appendix I_Warm up arrangement
Programme (Updated as on 5/1/2022)
Coach Nomination Form
Coach Quota
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Seating Plan